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Outdoor Cooking Bundle - Only £35! (33% off the RRP)

Cook up a storm…

Whether it’s warm or cold outside, nothing beats eating a freshly prepared hot meal alfresco! Our outdoor cooking bundle will provide you with all the basics you need to do this without weighing you down on the journey.

Get things going with the lightweight and compact stove with its adjustable gas regulator, or if it’s a more authentic campfire meal you’re after then the Steel of Fire starter kit contains all of the necessary components for getting a fire going as well as being a really useful piece of kit to have with you in case of emergency.

The billy can set consists of three pots of various sizes along with three frying pans that also double as lids so you’ll have plenty of options for your cooking needs. Finally, stay hydrated with the water bottle, complete with a handy pouch.

The combined RRP for these items is over £50 (and in case you’re wondering, the combined price of these four products on Amazon is *£42.28!)

*Price is correct at time of publishing and is subject to change

Four great products to help you enjoy a hearty meal in the great outdoors...


Compact Stove

Get that tasty meal started
with this trusty little stove


Steel of Fire Starter Kit

For the more authentic campfire
meal. Also an essential piece of kit for emergencies


Billy Cans

Lightweight, sturdy and easy
to transport


Water Bottle

Don’t forget about the

This bundle is available for a limited time only while stocks last so hurry up and make the most of this great deal!

Warrior Compact Stove (normal RRP £16.95)

It’s the little things that make the journey…

The Warrior Compact Stove is so compact you’ll probably forget you’ve got it...until hunger calls! Perfect for when you need to cook up a quick meal or recharge with a cuppa, this lightweight stove has a folding design, adjustable gas regulator and comes in a handy plastic storage box that’ll fit nicely inside your backpack.

The details:

  • Lightweight

  • Ultra compact

  • Aluminium alloy and stainless steel

  • Folding design

  • Adjustable gas flow

  • High power and efficiency - 3000w

  • Size: 13.7 x 10.2 x 10cm

  • Weight: 90g

  • Comes in an olive green plastic storage box measuring 11 x 5 x 5cm

  • Compatible with standard self sealing butane gas cartridges

compact stove in container

Ultra Compact Design

You'll barely know it's there

compact stove folding design

Folding Design

Makes packing and storing

warrior compact stove fold out

Aluminium Alloy & Stainless Steel

High quality construction

compact stove plastic container

Plastic Storage Container

The handy plastic box keeps the stove

protected and neatly packed away

Compact stove

Adjustable Gas Flow

For ease of cooking

compact stove gas connector

Easy to Use

Compatible with standard self
sealing butane gas cartridges

Steel of Fire Starter Kit (normal RRP £6.95)

All fired up and ready to go….

Whether you’re camping, hiking, climbing, mountaineering or just exploring, fire is a basic necessity for warmth, cooking and signalling where you are, amongst other things. This matchless fire starting kit contains all of the basic fire starting components you’ll need to stay safe and warm.

Will you look like Bear Grylls? Probably not. But with this kit you’ll certainly be able to start a fire as well as he can.

The details:

  • Kit consists of: Web-tex Steel-of-Fire firestarter, 2 Steel-of-fire tablets, 2 pieces of cotton wool in waterproof bag
  • Contained in a 9cm x 6cm x 2cm silver tin
  • Weight: 110g


Web-Tex Brand

Specialists in high quality
British products


Flint & Striker

Reliable yet perfectly compact  
and therefore suitable for travel


Contains all the Basic Fire Starting Components

Everything you need to get a fire going in
order to keep you safe and warm

Billy Can Nesting Set 6 Piece (normal RRP £21.48)

Cook up a storm...

This Billy can nesting set consists of six pots and frying pans of various sizes, giving you everything you need for cooking up a campfire meal in the great outdoors.

Constructed from durable aluminium, these pans are not only lightweight but also hard-wearing.  

The frying pans double as lids for the pots and all six pieces feature sturdy folding handles and fit neatly inside each other for easy packing and storage.

Perfect for cooking up that tasty meal.

The details:

  • Lightweight aluminium

  • Sturdy folding handles make storage easy

  • High sides reduce spillage

  • Set consists of: 1 x 6 pint pot, 1 x 4 pint pot, 1 x 2 pint pot, 1 x 6.75” frying pan, 1 x 6” frying pan, 1 x 5” frying pan

  • The pans fit inside each other for compact storage

  • Suitable for use over open fires

  • Comes with a drawstring carry bag

  • Size when packed: 20cm x 20cm x 20cm

  • Perfect for scouts, cadets and outdoor enthusiasts

Billy Can nesting set

A Variety of Sizes

Everything you need for cooking up 
a tasty meal in the great outdoors

nesting set packed up

Neat & Tidy

The pans fit neatly and securely 
inside each other, taking up less space

Billy Can lids

The Frying Pans Double as Lids

Giving you more cooking options

billy can handles

Sturdy Fold-Out Handles

Designed to make packing and 
storing easier

billy can aluminium

Aluminium Construction

Durable yet lightweight, these pans
won't weigh you down

billy can set carry bag

Drawstring Travel Bag

Keeps your pan set clean and
tidy during travel

Water Bottle (normal RRP £6.60)

Don’t forget the essentials...

When you’re ready to rehydrate, this plastic water bottle does the job. It comes complete with a pouch that can be fixed to your belt for easy carrying and features a small outer pocket which has been designed to hold water purification tablets. There is also a small drain hole at the bottom of the pouch to prevent any build up of liquid.

The screw top lid is attached to the bottle with a plastic strap so there won’t be any fumbling about searching for it, should you drop it.

Stay hydrated and focussed.

The details:

  • Plastic olive green coloured bottle

  • Screw top lid is attached with plastic strap

  • Nylon cover is fleece lined and features a small pocket for holding water purification tablets, two press stud fastenings, large belt loop and small drain hole at bottom of pouch.

  • Size: H 21cm x W 13cm x 7cm

  • Capacity: 1 litre         


Screw Top Lid

Attached with plastic strap so
you won't lose it!


Fleece Lined Pouch

With a small drain hole at bottom to
prevent any build-up of liquid


Press Stud Fastenings

Keep the bottle firmly inside its pouch


Belt Loop

For easier carrying


Side Pocket

Perfect for storing your water
purification tablets in