Keep warm outdoors!

Keep warm outdoors!

If the thought of sitting on a cold river bank or hiking in the wilderness sends a shiver down your spine take a look our handy guide to keeping warm.


We often think it is the clothes we wear that keeps us warm when in fact it is the insulating air trapped within and between the fibres that retains the heat. With this in mind the best way to retain your body heat is to wear plenty of layers. It is often recommended that a three layer system will keep you comfy and warm. The three layers being Core, mid and top.

The base layer combines two important functions…to keep you warm and also to draw away moisture from your skin, stopping cooling perspiration from drawing heat from the body. A Merino wool base layer is an ideal traditional solution or there are many quality two piece micro fleeces available. A thick wool jumper or fleece will create an ideal insulating mid layer to retain your heat. A good heavy duty or waterproof jacket worm as your top layer will keep your heat in. Our collection of jackets and top layers will keep you warm. Used by the MoD our clothing is proven, tested and worn by the military in the harshest of environments.


Modern research has indicated that left uncovered you will probably lose approximately 10% of your body heat through your head. Anyone who’s ever experienced the cold wind whistling through your damp hair will know the value of a warm hat!


Whatever you outdoor activity there is nothing worse than cold hands and numb fingers! There are many gloves available for all budgets but for extended periods outside you will always be thankfull for carrying a pair of wind and waterproof gloves.

When fishing..fingerless gloves are ideal for keeping your hands warm without getting in the way of your casting, reeling and fixing your bait. If you are sat for lengths of time you could also wear a large mitt over your fingerless gloves for added heat.

For added warmth, invest in a pair of hand warmers. These small warmers are easily carried in your pocket or rucksack and provide that heat boost you need in cold temperatures.


Often when your feet are cold so are you. Once cold your feet are largely impossible to warm up again. Good thermal, waterproof footwear is essential. Keep your feet warm and invest in a good quality pair of Gore-Tex lined boots and a pair of thermal socks.


Hot comforting food and drinks are a must when you’re outside for long periods...especially in the winter months. We all love a cup of tea and it is an instant morale booster!

Carry an insulated flask filled with coffee, tea or soup. Chocolate bars and biscuits will give you a quick energy boost. For more sustained activity there are many sports energy bars that will give a longer energy release.

Do you have any tips for keeping warm and dry in the winter months? Let us know!

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