Steel of Fire Starter Kit

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Steel of Fire Starter Kit

All fired up and ready to go….

Whether you’re camping, hiking, climbing, mountaineering or just exploring, fire is a basic necessity for warmth, cooking and signalling where you are, amongst other things. This matchless fire starting kit contains all of the basic fire starting components you’ll need to stay safe and warm.

Will you look like Bear Grylls? Probably not. But with this kit you’ll certainly be able to start a fire as well as he can.

The details:

  • Kit consists of: Web-tex Steel-of-Fire firestarter, 2 Steel-of-fire tablets, 2 pieces of cotton wool in waterproof bag
  • Contained in a 9cm x 6cm x 2cm silver tin
  • Weight: 110g


Web-Tex Brand

Specialists in high quality
British products


Flint & Striker

Reliable yet perfectly compact  
and therefore suitable for travel


Contains all the Basic Fire Starting Components

Everything you need to get a fire going in
order to keep you safe and warm

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